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Tutorial: Ecommerce


With the ecommerce module you can sell your products online.

Click the CMS button in the left menu of the website to access product management and ecommerce options.


Opzioni Ecommerce options

Go to the ECOMMERCE button in the CMS navigation bar, and click the OPTIONS button.

Change your ecommerce settings according to your needs:

- Minimum order threshold
- Display type
- User Registration Settings
- Shipping fees
- VAT Regime
- Down payment
- Unit of measurement (weight / dimensions)
- Texts to be displayed in automatic email notifications
- Texts to be displayed on the website

Product management

In the CMS menu navigation, the voice modules, click the button PRODUCTS,
or from the dashboards click the ECOMMERCE button.


You will see the list of Products on the website.

Already from the first screen you can quickly change the main information such as price, quantity, product name, category, and photo.

Click New product to create products

Click the pencil icon to access the product tab and modify all of the data in the form of a pencil icon.

For more information on product management, see the following guide:

managing a module

Users management

In the CMS navigation menu, under Ecommerce, click the USERS button.

You will see the list of registered users on the website.

User management is very complete, for each registered user you can:

- Define commissions / discounts
- Send an email
- Insert a photo
- Insert notes
- View orders
- Create and send invoices
- Enter communications
- Insert files

You can also manually register a new user, copy the user's email addresses current and / or export data in .xls format


In the navigation menu, click the ORDERS button to view the orders received from the website.

From order management you can:

- Modify payment and shipping terms
- View order detail
- Print the order
- Create the invoice
- Send an email to the customer also by attaching the invoice
- Enter Notes


In the navigation menu, click the Warehouse button

In the warehouse you can see all the products inserted, quickly modify the quantity, availability and price values.

Shipping fees

In the navigation menu, click the SHIPPING FEES button

Click the New Shipment button to insert a new type of shipping.

Enter the name, cost, description, and photo.

You can also include different price faces based on the weight range of the ordered items.

Payment methods

In the navigation menu, click the Payment methods button

There are many types of payment available.
Enables / disables payment types according to your needs.

We can estimate activation upon request of other types of payment.

You can enter a description text, a photo, a percentage cost to add to the total.
For each type of payment you must enter the data required for the connection, for example, to activate Paypal you simply enter your email address with which you have registered your account on Paypal.

Coupon discount

In the navigation menu, click the COUPON DISCOUNT button

Create a New Coupon Discount.
The code is unique and is generated automatically, but you can still customize it.
Choose the typology of calculation, which products and how many times apply it.
Enter the cost and any notes.
Customers in the order will be able to apply the coupon and apply their discount.