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Portal module
What is a Module?
The module is an extra section that adds new features to the website.
It can be activated or deactivated on an existing web site at any time.
What can I do with the Portal module?
Add this module and transform your website into a real Portal. Allow registered users to manage their ads, travel, products, accommodations, businesses, properties, events, etc ..., based on active modules.
You can manage permission levels and access to user content and the commission / discount rate.
I can use it on my website (not Doyouall)
You will be provided with a code to install on your site.
  149,00* /year
*annual price excluding VAT
Included in the price:
Users management
Customizable registration form
Categories and user filters
User reserved area
Confidential communications
Reserved files
Management and inclusion of active modules (products, accommodations, travel, news, property etc.)
How the portal works
1. User options
You can set user ads publications options: active module, ads number, instant publication or publication after admin verification.
You can also manage the texts that the user will display on the registration page or registration mail.

2. Access levels
You can create infinite levels of user access.
For each level, you can choose which sections users will be able to access or manage by enabling and disabling features and accessing the modules.
In a tourist portal you will be able to create a basic account with which you can enter and manage only one accommodation (Hotel, B&B or other).
You will be able to create a second premium level account with the ability to insert unlimited accommodations.

3. User management
Log in to the Cms, users section, to manage registered users, edit access data, edit the level, send files, communications or email.
1. Registration
The user can register to Portal by filling the registration form, or administrator can register user and assign access credentials.

2. Login
Login on Portal to access reserved area.

3. Reserved area
The user acces to reserved area to manage personal data, orders or reservations, communications, files, and invoices.

4. Ads management
From reserved area, the user can manage ads based on credentials and active modules (travel, accommodation, products, businesses, auto ads, etc.)
Modules you can activate with the Portal module